Providing In-Home Care Services and Independent Living Options (ILO)

Supported Independent Living

Working together, support team members will help participants develop valuable life skills, including maintaining their own wellbeing and home environment, eating well, demonstrating proactive behaviour, and commuting safely within the community to prepare them for living independently. Caregiva can offer support in a group or shared living arrangement for participants of all ages.

Daily Living Assistance

Our experienced support team members assist participants with a wide variety of in-home daily tasks, including dressing, meal preparation, organising medications, maintaining hygiene & personal care, transport to and from appointments, and household chores, such as laundry and cleaning.

Community Access

It is incredibly important for our participants to feel they have an active role in their community. Our support team members seek out opportunities for participants tailored to their unique interests to allow them to interact with the community while also allowing families and full-time caregivers time off. We also provide a range of group and centre based activities to encourage participant socialisation.

Medium Term Accommodation

Caregiva provides a wide selection of housing options, including wheelchair-accessible homes in the south-east Queensland, while you wait for approval to move into a permanent home or transition from the hospital setting.

Short Term Accommodation or Respite

When a NDIS participant cannot access their regular services or accommodations, short-term accommodations may be provided for brief periods of time. People with disabilities have the chance to make new friends and try out new activities while staying in short-term housing, which also gives parents and carers time to rest or attend to other obligations. STA includes all costs for a 24-hour period, including help with daily living activities, lodging, food, and other activities.